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Why bring a friend when shopping for a used car?


Shopping with one of the many  Northumberland used car dealers  guarantees you a safe and fuss-free journey towards driving away in the used car of your dreams, but sometimes it may stand that you have to shop elsewhere, such as from an independent dealer.

It may sound odd, but there are several benefits which come from bringing a friend or loved one along with you whilst you go used car shopping.

Escape persistent sellers

Don’t frighten yourself upon reading the word ‘escape’ – not every independent used car seller is going to be a money-hungry basket case. More likely, you may (and that’s a very big ‘may’) come across someone who makes out like they aren’t going to let you leave until you buy the car, placing a ton of pressure on you in the process.

Car key.

If you and your friend makes a clever plan before hand, you could have them think of a way to bail you out before the pressure builds. It could be a fake, panicked phone call, or they could miraculously remember an important appointment that you have to be at.


Finding the perfect used car isn’t going to be an overnight job – you may have to do a lot of searching, and even we think it can get a bit dull and repetitive at times. Bringing a friend along with you provides someone to talk to whilst you inspect the car other than the seller, which may help with the awkwardness.

Your perfect used car, but quicker

If there’s two of you looking at a specific car, it means that you’re twice as likely to spot any faults with the car, twice as likely to suss out if anything is up with the seller, and can get all of the inspection out of the way twice as quick – all positives.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Car

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