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What is Certified Used Car?


You might consider purchasing a certified used vehicle if you are looking to buy a car.

The phrase “certified used cars” is frequently used, but many people don’t know what it really means. This article will discuss benefit of a certified used vehicle, also known under the name certified pre-owned.

Certified Used Cars

A certified pre-owned car is defined as a used car that has received a safety inspection, and has a warranty. Because of the warranty that comes with certified used cars, they are more expensive than traditional pre-owned. Most often, a certified used vehicle has been restored to /a like-new state by the car dealer. These certified used cars are often backed by the manufacturer.

The background of Certified Used Cars

Luxury carmakers Lexus and Mercedes started offering certified used car programs in the 1990’s. This was encouraged by the large numbers of cars that were returned at the end leases. Instead of simply handing these cars over to car auctions and used car lots for resale, manufacturers created certified used vehicle programs that they believed would attract buyers who are looking for luxury vehicles on a tight budget.

These programs were extremely successful. Today, certified used car sales account for over 40% of all sold used cars. This is due to the fact that certified used car offers allow car buyers to be involved in segments of the market that they may not otherwise be able afford to purchase a new car.

Types and Certifications of Used Cars

There are now two types used car certifications. Original ones are backed directly by the car manufacturers. Some new car dealerships offer the latest versions, as well as a plenty of used car dealerships. These dealerships may promote their own certification program. These programs are usually a way for these dealerships to get on the good side of successful and practical programs. You should avoid certified used cars that are backed by dealerships if you decide to go for certified. They can often prove to be more risky than the cars that are offered by the manufacturers. If you decide to buy one, be sure that you have a copy of the inspection checklist and repair list for the certified used vehicle you are interested in.

The Convenience and Quality of Certified Used Cars

Dealerships and car manufacturers alike prefer to promote certified used vehicles because they understand that customers like the ease of shopping online. They also know these certified used cars will sell for more money and that they will not be responsible for the cost of shipping the car to the customer. These cars are popular with consumers because they provide peace of mind and confidence knowing that the car has been thoroughly examined by the dealership’s service department.

Advantages of Buying Certified Used Car From A Car Dealership Rather Than Buying Private

You have two choices when buying a used car: a dealer or a private seller. However, comes with many benefits.

Although there are some pros to private purchasing, you will find that dealerships offer many benefits over private sales.


warranty is a great option for any used car, even if it’s used. This warranty covers you in the event of a problem with your vehicle within the next few months. If the car is defective in any way, you will be responsible for the costs.


Many car dealerships offer financing options. This means that you can now afford a car that you may not be able buy outright. You have the option to choose between personal contract payments and hire purchase when it comes time to pay off your car in the next year.

Properly inspected and checked

Dealers will inspect the vehicle and fix any major issues, while private sellers may not take the time or be honest about any defects. This means that your rights as a consumer are stronger when you buy from a dealer than from a private seller.


A dealership can also offer the chance to bargain with the salesman, so you might get a better deal than the advertised price.

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