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The Benefits of Buying a Used Car


We all need cars, of that there is no doubt, and while we all want reliability and comfort, the vehicle itself doesn’t have to be new. Yes, it is nice to take delivery of a new car, with the seats still covered in plastic and less than 5 miles on the clock, but do we actually need that? Cars are built to last, some more than others, and if the vehicle is regularly serviced from new, and driven responsibly, it should be able to provide a service for many years.

A new car is sure to be perfect

Well, one can’t exactly say that, as small teething problems are common with a new vehicle, but the vehicle has not been used, therefore should be in first class condition. That said, a second hand car will perform exactly as a new one would, and if it is only a year or two old, the interior will be as new, and the bodywork unmarked.

Huge savings on purchase

The biggest advantage to buying a used car is the low price when compared to new. Cars depreciate in value from the moment they leave the showroom, when the value of the car could drop by as much as 11 % as it leaves the forecourt. In former times, buying a used car was a risky business, as the stereotyped second hand car salesman was often trying to sell inferior cars to unsuspecting buyers.

Quality control

Modern used car showrooms are very different, with a stringent screening process, they only accept top-notch vehicles, so the buyer can feel confident they are getting value for money. If you live in Australia, there are used car dealers in Canberra, with a wide range of second hand vehicles for sale. A two year old car should still be in excellent condition, and if looked after, will give many more years of good service.

More for your money

If you like hi-end vehicles, consider buying an ex-CEO’s vehicle, which are usually changed every year. With a used car, you can experience a level of comfort and style that would be out of your price range if it were new. Not only that, an ex-director’s car usually has low mileage, and will have been treated very well.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Knowing when to buy and sell

Many shrewd people understand how the car market works, for example, a person buys a two year old car for a reasonable price, and the vehicle is in first class condition, so the person uses the car for one year, and then sells it for more than he or she paid for it. This gives them the capital to find another bargain used car, and repeat the process. Sometimes no profit will be made, but one year’s free motoring is good by anyone’s standards. A level of patience is required, and of course, one must have sound mechanical knowledge, especially concerning the vehicles one buys and sells.

If you are talking about quality used vehicles that hold their price, Toyota would immediately spring to mind. They are the world’s largest and most successful automobile manufacturer, and their vehicles have a reputation for reliability and endurance.

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