What is car detailing and types of car detailing?


Car detailing refers to the high-quality car wash and polishing by professional car cleaners. The smallest details of the entire vehicle are cleaned including wheels, tires, underneath, interior trim, plastic pieces, etc.

What are the types of car detailing?

The major types of car detailing are:

1.Interior Car Detailing: This is done with the help of car interior cleaning products and includes:

  • Interior Vacuuming: The first step of the interior car detailing process is to vacuum all the places where dirt accumulates. All floor mats, seats, dashboard, windows, upholstery, trunk area, windows, etc. must be cleaned before anything else is done. After that, high-speed air blowers are used to blow out any remaining debris from all the nooks and crannies. Dust and stains are removed by using a mild detergent or shampoo, but only if it’s safe for the material. Leather upholstery requires special attention to make sure it doesn’t fade or lose its luster. The windows must be cleaned to ensure that the interior of the vehicle is not exposed to direct sunlight. This can damage upholstery and cause cracking of plastic parts on the car’s interior.
  • Restoring shine: After ensuring that the seats are no longer dirty, they are cleaned with a damp cloth in order to restore their natural luster and make them look clean. The back of the seat is sometimes textured or perforated, in which case it must be vacuumed with special attachments designed for this purpose.
  • Perfuming: The final step is to apply a car deodorizer or an odor neutralizer to the upholstery. This will help remove any unpleasant smells and make sure that the car’s interior doesn’t smell like dirt, mud, sweat, food, etc.

2. Exterior Car Detailing: This is done using the best car care products in India and includes:

  • Washing: Using pH-neutral car shampoo, the collected mud, dirt, dust, etc. is removed from the exterior of the car. Car shampoo should be chosen over dishwashing soap as it is less aggressive and still more effective at removing dirt. After washing, all surfaces are wiped with distilled water to remove any traces of soap and dried using a clean microfiber towel.
  • Claying: The clay bar is rubbed on the overall exterior paintwork surfaces of the vehicle, including glass and rubber trim. The clay picks up any remaining impurities like bugs, tar, rail dust, iron particles, and overspray. After claying each section of the car, a clean microfiber towel should be used to wipe over the paintwork to pick up any residue.
  • Polishing: Polishing is done to remove fine swirl marks and to restore gloss and clarity to the surface. The original car wax or sealant will be removed by polishing agents and then a new coat of wax will be applied.
  • Paint Sealing:  Waxes generally have more shine and better depth, but don’t last as long as sealants. Paint sealants are applied using a buffer or hand applicator and then removed after 10-20 minutes with a microfiber towel. If the car is to be stored for a long period of time, it will need to be re-waxed or have another layer of paint sealant applied.
  • Headlights, Tail Lights etc.: Headlights, tires, taillights, etc. may also need to be restored or replaced using the different kits available for replacing.
  1. Engine Bay Cleaning :

The engine bay can be cleaned with a pressure washer to remove most of the dirt and grime found here. However, some parts will still need cleaning manually. Many modern cars have a plastic liner in the trunk or hatchback, which can be removed. with a flat-head screwdriver and then wiped down to get rid of any remaining dirt.

By caring for your car on an ongoing basis, it will maintain its value and be cleaner for longer. A clean car also feels more comfortable to drive in and has better visibility during inclement weather. Detailing your vehicle is not only beneficial to the value and appearance of your vehicle, but it also helps make a good impression on potential buyers if you ever decide to sell it. By taking the time to detail a car properly, along with regular maintenance services, an owner can prevent taking the car to a professional every year and keep that precious value. You can buy car accessories online in India, and car care products at Carorbis which is an online one-stop shop to get car and bike accessories and auto parts delivered to your doorstep for free. It has a huge range of best quality products for your car and bike including care care and car detailing products.

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