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Does Your Car Require an MOT Inspection?


If you own a car over three years old in the UK and have recently ship car to UK from USA, you must go to a garage that can test your car’s roadworthiness. People often wonder why most cars do not pass inspection, which is a test that takes about 50 minutes of your time. If your car does not pass the inspection, you cannot drive away until it is repaired. The easiest way to schedule this type of test is to leave your car at the MOT centre in the morning and check on the status later in the day.Reasons for Failing

According to one MOT garage in Bradford-on-Avon, most cars fail an MOT test for the following reasons:

  • The screen wash inside the car had not been topped up, which is something that is quick to do and only takes several minutes.
  • The car’s boot or cabin was cluttered and messy or the windows were not
  • A problem surfaced with the registration plate. Usually, the plate is dirty and cannot be read or it has the wrong typeface.
  • Stickers were positioned on the windscreen that obstructed the driver’s view.
  • A warning light on the car’s dashboard lit up. If this happens before you take in your car for MOT testing, find out the reason for the illumination and take care of the underlying issue.

Practice Preventative Care

As you can see, some of the reasons for failure could have been prevented. Therefore, make sure that you follow a checklist of your own to ensure that you pass your MOT testing. If you need to take your car in to have it inspected per MOT regulations, check all areas of the interior and exterior, including the tyre pressure.

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