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Untold Secrets of Killer Dealership Marketing


As the dealership market begins to truly recover from the automotive crash of 2008, we are seeing some new trends when it comes to dealership marketing. The retail trade has never been more competitive, and yet with digital marketing making huge changes to the way that many will choose their next car, dealers have to be creative in their approach to promotions. The old traditional ways of pressure sales and loud late night television advertising just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, what are the best ways that a promising car dealership can use this brave new world to promote their own unique brand? Here are some insights into marketing a dealership that will get results.

The Core Message

When looking at what the one core item is that you should plan your marketing strategy around, focus on your in-house inventory and how you can deliver cost savings to your customers. While the sales numbers on new car sales are getting better, never forget that those used cars from trade ins can still bring value to your dealership. Many of your prospective clients are still watching their pennies, so never underestimate how important a good deal on a used car can be for bringing them onto the lot. Promotions for local buyers should always include ways for them to save money when considering their next car purchase and that includes deals on new cars and specials on used cars that need to move from the lot now.

Direct Mail Marketing

While just about every dealership knows that direct mail is one of the best tools to promote their dealership, the trick is often finding a way to add to that all important mailing list. A newsletter with valuable news and perhaps even simple promotions such as a free oil change can bring prospective buyers into the dealership. Handled correctly, a smart digital marketing campaign gives you a chance to create a relationship with these prospects and keeps them in the loop. Remember that you can’t always know when they are going to be in the market, but you can tell when they have visited your website, so use that information to bring them on board.

Lead Generation with Social Media

If you aren’t monitoring platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for leads, you are missing the boat in social media opportunities. You can target potential buyers in your area by using simple software to monitor interest in brands, new cars and specific options. It might be a local who is unhappy with their current dealership or someone who is new to the area. Whatever the lead, be sure and make good use of it by training your sales staff to monitor and report on trends in social media that can lead to successful marketing campaigns and new hot leads.

The days of waiting for that new customer to walk into the dealership are long gone. Today there are many different ways to connect with potential clients through customer management software, social media and direct mail campaigns that lead right into their email inbox. When you combine the latest technology with a real desire to answer a need that your potential client may have, you are bound to increase sales and retain valued customers.

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