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There are several reasons why high school and college students in the State of Illinois, between the ages of 18-20, have not received their Illinois drivers licenses.  While many would consider those without a license to have a stigma, there actually are several reasons why this could be the case.

Here are just a few of those reasons:

  • A student could be coming to the United States from another country for college, and the student needs to get a valid Illinois drivers license in order to drive legally
  • Funds for high school drivers education could have been scarce for a high school student so he/she may have had to work part-time or summer jobs in order to earn the money to get the license and pay for any drivers’ education


  • A local driving school may have been too remote a location for parents to take their child to during high school, so the drivers education was put off until a later time
  • A high school student may have been in an accident at a young age and was scared to get behind the wheel until he/she was older and more confident is his/her motor skills and decision making
  • A student could have had an injury which hampered driving skills and prevented the acquiring of a drivers license
  • A high school student could have had lots of friends and siblings and/or parents available to take him/her to needed locations


  • A student could have lived in the city where trains and buses were plentiful and a drivers license wasn’t needed right away

Again, any of these situations could have happened by the time an Illinois student turned 18 years old.  If so, there now are options for these people to take the state-approved 6 hour mandatory courses online and at a comfortable pace.  For more on this option, you are welcome to click either of the links below:

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