Does GPS Tracking Work On Motorbikes?

motorbike gps tracking

motorbike gps tracking

Many businesses that run fleets have a clear understanding of just how important GPS tracking technology can be, and the benefits which it offers to their operation. One sector which is beginning to realise just how important this particular technology is, is the delivery services industry. Even before the pandemic these companies, delivering food and documents, and everything else, to homes and businesses, were doing a roaring trade. Since the pandemic the success of home delivery has greatly increased and we are very much moving towards this direction in many industries.

What most of these companies do is enlist the support of motorbikes in order to ensure that deliveries are fast. Bikes are able to cut through heavy traffic unlike cars can, and there are so many motorbikes on the road these days with the brands of the delivery service daubed across them. Many of those riders however will use their phones for GPS tracking, but can this be something that works on motorcycles too?

The Simplicity of GPS Tracking

The answer as to whether or not this is something which could work on motorbikes is a resounding yes. The reality is that this kind of technology is so simple and a tracker can in fact be added to just about anything, from a person to a piece of equipment — and also to a motorbike. The trackers are very small and can be added to many areas of the motorbike in order to deliver real time information about its whereabouts.

Ultimately a GPS tracker needs to do one thing and one thing only, and that is to send a signal. The signal will be sent up to a satellite via radio waves. This is why a motorbike is going to be a great vehicle for a GPS tracker, because of the fact that not much space is required to place the tracker.

Benefits of Vehicles Over Phone

The reason why so many companies would prefer to attach a tracker to a vehicle such as a motorbike rather than a mobile phone, is primarily for security reasons. If the phone is lost or stolen, which is much easier to do than for a bike to be lost or stolen, it will cause a huge problem for the company. If however the bike itself is stolen, it will be easily tracked down thanks to the GPS. The point is that there is far less likelihood of a bike being stolen, than a phone.

There are some concerns over the fact that a motorbike is not enclosed, and therefore the tracker may be stolen or identified. In reality however, the tracker is so small that it can be easily concealed on a motorcycle to stop this from happening. In the days where so many bikes have digital screens too, many actually come with built-in trackers, making them the perfect option for deliveries.

If you fleet needs to cut through traffic fast, a motorcycle could be the perfect way to do just that.

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