Saving the Environment: The Change Needs to Start with Us


We keep complaining that the government’s inaction in saving the environment is harming us. We also rant against politicians who don’t believe in the reality of climate change. Although these are valid concerns and it is our right to make them responsible for their actions, we need to also look at our actions.

If we wait for them to change without doing anything, nothing will happen. We can continue our advocacy but lead the way at the same time.

Start with people you know

If we want to advocate change and influence others to change their ways, we can start influencing the people we know. It is easy to convince them since they know us, and they won’t feel bad if we start talking about the reality of climate change. They might even be practising the necessary steps to save the environment, and the conversation with them can also help us learn.

Expand your knowledge

There are ways to help save the environment that you can start at home. Unplugging your devices when not in use is one of these steps. You will realise that at home, you can already do a lot to save the environment. You need to research these ways and feel comfortable with the practice.

Live a healthy lifestyle

When you start changing your lifestyle, you will be healthy, but you will also be saving the environment. For instance, instead of using a car, you might decide to walk or take a bicycle. In the process, you reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Another example is the support of organic food. It is a healthy choice, but you also discourage the use of pesticides and other chemicals in growing crops. They contribute to the destruction of the environment, and not supporting their use will also deter farmers from using them.

Choosing the right vehicle

People acknowledge the reality that it might not be comfortable moving towards clean energy given the demands. However, modern technology has brought changes that you will appreciate. For instance, you can now use Green Tomato cars. These vehicles are available to use on both short and long trips. These are eco-friendly taxis that don’t emit carbon dioxide when used on the road. You will feel good about the idea that even if you are using motorised vehicles, you are not damaging the environment. Your support for this type of transportation is a good start if you wish to change the reality of the world today.

Keep the fight

We want to save the environment not only for us but for the future generation. We owe it to our children to have a world that is safe and healthy. Let us stop thinking of our selfish interests and demands. We also need to stop being lazy. If we want action, we can do the first step. The politicians will even start shifting their positions if they realise that no one else believes in them.


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