Buying a Car – New or Used?


The age-old dilemma, “Do I buy a new or used vehicle?” There are pros and cons for both alternatives, and a lot depends on your own personal preferences, whether or not it is important that the car has never been driven by another. Unless you have money to burn, you’ll be looking for value for money, and on average, a new vehicle depreciates by as much as 13% the moment you drive it off the forecourt. After that first depreciation, the vehicle will lose an average of 10% per year, so if you bought a new model and sold it after one year, you would expect to lose around one quarter of its initial sale price.

Finding the Right Dealer

Whether you opt for a new or used car, it is important to find a reputable dealership, one that offers a solid warranty and can also service the vehicle. Look for a dealership that is well established and has a good name within the local community, such as Mitsubishi dealer Phillip, who offer a range of new and used vehicles, all with solid warranties.

Buying Second Hand

If you want to get the biggest bang out of your dollar, purchasing a one-year old car that has a full service history is a wise move. If you continue to maintain the vehicle, you can part exchange it after a year and you won’t lose too much money. There are many Australian motorists that adopt this policy and they always have a nice clean car that is in immaculate condition, and when you calculate the cost of their motoring, it works out as very economical. It is not advisable to buy a used car from a private seller, as there are no real guarantees, and “sold as seen” is the general rule.

Taking Possession of a New Vehicle

If you really do want the smell of new leather and a machine that has yet to be driven, a new car offers this, although you are paying for the privilege. You might be the type of person who wants to buy a new car and keep it for most of its working life and if you look after it, there’s no reason why it isn’t a good deal. Trouble-free motoring is high on most people’s list of priorities and providing the vehicle is serviced at the recommended intervals, you can expect to enjoy a good few years of hassle-free driving.

Check Out the Online Reviews

Whatever the make and model you prefer, it is a good idea to search the motoring forums to see if the vehicle has any common issues. This could save you from buying something that will need a gearbox change after 3 years and it makes sense to be up to date on how vehicles perform in the long term.

Whatever you decide, buying from a reputable dealership will ensure that you are not a victim of vehicle fraud, and always remember to have the vehicle serviced by a manufacturer approved garage and you should have many years of smooth driving to look forward to.

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