Make Money off Your Rusty Metal


If you need some extra spending money or help paying the bills, you should look in your yard before you head to a bank. Before you look for a loan or a second job, you should consider if you have anything that you could make money from. Chiefly, you should look for scrap metal. Metal is a resource just like any other; it’s not dissimilar from diamonds or gold. It has a price per kilogram that fluctuates depending on its scarcity in the market as well as the purity of its composition. While iron, steel, and other metals aren’t as expensive as precious metals or stones, they are worth a good deal of money. There are many sources of scrap metal, but the most obvious one is a vehicle.

Scrap Your Car

Many people who have cars that are totalled or just too old to be functional tend to park them on their yards before they figure out what to do with them. Many people park their cars on the yard and plan to begin fixing them at some point in the future. If they never get around to it, then the car just rusts. This is the fastest way to make money on scrap metal. Cars obviously weigh hundreds or even thousands of kilograms. The engine block itself is typically a few hundred kilograms of iron and steel. If you can scrap your car, you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If your car is worthy of being scrapped, it’s probably not driveable. You should call a scrapyard that offers scrap car removal in Perth. They’ll come pick up your vehicle and take it to their scrapyard. There it will be analysed and weighed, and you’ll get paid for how much it’s worth. It’s just that easy.


Scrapping Appliances

Your car isn’t the only way to make money on scrap metal. There are many different ways to make money off metal you don’t need. Besides a vehicle, your appliances are probably the biggest and most obvious sources of metal you have. Your washer and dryer are probably made of a good deal of metal and older models consist of even more metal than newer models. Your air conditioning unit is especially useful. If it is no longer functional and not worth repairing, it is a great candidate for being scrapped. Air conditioners typically have very long coils of copper inside them. That copper is one of the most valuable of the common metals used in appliances. You can earn a decent amount of money from copper.

If you’re renovating your home, you should keep your copper wires as well. Don’t throw them away; they’re worth a lot of money.

A non-functional vehicle is a great way to make extra money and free up some space in your yard. They are worth their weight in metal, and that might be more than you think.  Other appliances are also very useful for scrappers. They want the metal from your appliances, and they’ll pay you for them.

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