How Long Will My Translation Take?


Before you request a quote, you wonder when you will receive the translation. Regardless of the reason, a certified translation is required to move forward with the matter. Therefore, your worry is justified. Following are a few factors that influence the duration of a translation.

Length of the project

The time it takes to perform acertified Romanian translation is determined by its length. It’s no secret that a legal document stretched over pages will take longer to translate than medical product descriptions. Translations are usually determined by the number of words in the source document.

Another component that determines how long it takes is the translator’s speed. A novice translator will take their time understanding the requirements and which words to place. However, on the other hand, an experienced linguist will jump straight into translating and formatting since they have tackled similar documentsbefore. In addition, a translation will also take less time if numerous translators are working on it simultaneously.


The second variable that determines the length is the professional components. Companies that are well-established and have years spent building customer loyalty will not work with unprofessional and novice language service providers. Though their costs will be lower, the quality of the certified Romanian translation may be questionable.

A reputable company will hire a reputable translation agency such as Kings of Translation. Our agency hires experts who are specialized in their particular fields of work. We prevent the mismatch between the client and the translator that causes translation decays and elongated projects.

Stage of repetition

Repetition in the translation industry is prevalent. A document that reads the same text will increase the translator’s accuracy and speed. Furthermore, repetition is also linked to quality results. In the translation industry, the term is called Translation Memory.

The software used to perform translations constantly adds new words to its memory. When more recentterms are introduced, the translation software will present the second-best alternative. It will save time and expense. As a result, the task is completed in less time with the same level of quality as before. It truly mimics the source document to the best.

Project complexities

Not all projects are so simple. A few translation projects will take longer to translate simply because of the complexity and challenges. A product description can be summarized quite easily. However, personal documents or research journals will take time to translate because of the context understanding, cultural representations, and explanatory texts.

Furthermore, certified Romanian translations will also require more time since the translatorsmust certify the translations. Though it may be a simple document, the translation is not valid unless the linguist signs and stamps it.

Lingual complexities

Different languages take different times to complete. It depends on the linguistic requirement and the grammatical preferences. A language with multiple verb conjugations or logograms will take longer than languages simply based on the Latin alphabet. Furthermore, dialect change and idiom translation can also complicate the translations.

Is the translator available?

Lastly, the translation will obviously take longer to translate if the linguist is unavailable. A translator can only translate 2000 to 2500 words daily before burning out. In addition, other circumstances that can delay translation include expertise and speed. Unfortunately, unprofessionalism from the translator through feedback or conflicts with the agency can further complicate the matter.

Kings of Translation supervises efficient communication

We understand the requirements and tasks due to our years of experience. promotes communication between the client and the project manager to avoid project delays and complications. Contact Kings of Translation today via phone or email to schedule your first free meeting. Ourlinguistics are eager to meet with you.

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