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We have been conditioned to think that in order for a work van to be economical and useful, it has to look like a giant box, with virtually no thought for the visual appeal of the vehicle itself. Well, look no further than the Mercedes Metris to prove that viewpoint wrong. This stylish and infinitely versatile vehicle is a top of the line work horse that is absolutely loaded with features and accoutrement. Packaged with the luxury and attention to detail that Mercedes Benz Dealerships are known for, and you have an amazing alternative to the drab working van.

Don’t worry, you lovers of horses and torque, just because this isn’t the newest SLK coupe doesn’t mean that this van isn’t packed with the engine-building prowess of Mercedes’ other cars. This van boasts a 208 horsepower engine that provides 258lb-ft of torque, perfectly suited for hauling and cruising around town. Even with this strong engine, it still gets 21/24 miles per gallon so your wallet doesn’t hurt as much when you’re fueling up for a day on the job. The 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission is particularly smooth, allowing for even the most fragile of objects to get to their final destination without having to worry about sudden starts and stops.

Loading and Unloading this van is an absolute breeze with customizable door configurations on the rear of the van. The doors that come standard on this model open all the way, ending up flush with the sides of the van when parked. No more walking around the door in order to get items towards the front of the van. You can also upgrade to a hatch-back style door, which allows for easier opening and closing of the back, as well as a substantial rain shield for those jobs that must be done in inclement weather.

You can also breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to the sheer amount of safety features that come with the van. Fully customizable, this van offers crosswind and attention assist, helping you in high-wind scenarios and for those long night hauls where you’re in danger of nodding off. Lane Keeping Assist helps keep you in the center of the lane, even when the roads that you’re travelling are a bit narrower than you expected. The Load Adaptive ESP (or Electronic Stability Program) will help you compensate for heavier loads, even if they shift their weight during your trip, and help ensure that you stay on the road in poor conditions by monitoring the weight and responding through systems like the antilock brakes. You also don’t have to worry about backing into that parking space anymore with the Active Parking Assist, which takes control of the steering wheel and leaves the driver in control of the accelerator and brake. The PARKTRONIC system warns the driver when he or she gets too close to another object when parking, avoiding any surface damage to your or someone else’s vehicle. Top it off with Collision Prevention Assist, which will look out at the road ahead of you, looking for emergencies, and will adjust your braking pressure as needed to avoid accidents. All of these features add up to a seriously sexy and seriously safe working van.

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