2016 Nissan Quashqai Review


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Nissan Quashqai Review

The 2016 Nissan Quashqai has been all set to cater superb fuel economy and hi-tech features. You would be in for a comfortable and exciting driving and riding experience. This SUV has been slightly redesigned version of the 2015 Quashqai. With minor tweaks in the interior and exterior design, the SUV has been all set to rule the roads in the year 2016. Nissan has been known to bring forth four engine options in the redesigned 2016 model in both gasoline and diesel versions. However, buyers would relish the pleasure of owning reduced fuel consumption SUV encompassing preferred engine option. However, the company has not shown any signs of launching the model in Japan as of now.

2016 Nissan Quashqai Review1

Exterior of the car

There is not much changed with respect to the exterior of the car. It comes with similar exterior design and style as that of its predecessor. Nonetheless, it has been given a slightly sporty look having more bodylines in comparison to the outgoing model. Being constructed on the CMF platform found in second generation of Nissan vehicle models, the front fascia has been largely improved by fixing the LED headlights. The headlights are daytime running for a more improved appearance.

Exterior of the car

The external charm of the latest crossover has been enhanced because of its 19-inch alloy wheels. However, buyers looking forward to having 16-inch or 17-inch alloy wheels would be required to pay additional money for their desired set of wheels. On the rear end, the vehicle offers a look similar to the European crossover utility vehicle. Regardless, the rear end ride elevation does not appear transformed.

Interior of the car

The interior of the vehicle has incorporated some small tweaks. These smaller transformations have made the cabin appear highly attractive than its predecessors. Yet another transformation has been the additional cargo space for the buyer.

Interior of the car

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