A Guide to a Pre-Mot Inspection


As you will already be aware, any motor vehicle older than 3 years must pass an annual MOT inspection, and prior to booking in your car for the MOT test, here are some things to check.

  1. Lighting – Checking the lights involves the headlights, tail lights, brake and reversing lights, plus, of course, the indicators and hazard warning lights. There is a local garage that offers an affordable MOT check in Torquay, and they know what they are doing.
  2. Tyres & Braking – The car will be put on a rolling road to have the brakes tested for effectiveness, while the handbrake is also checked for correct tension. The tyres must be in good overall condition with no bulges or tears on the sidewalls, and must have a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth, and that includes the spare wheel.
  1. Steering & Suspension – The steering is inspected to see if there is too much play, while the shock absorbers are checked for effectiveness.
  1. Seat Belts – The webbing should not be compromised in any way and the inertia lock should be in good working order.
  1. Bodywork Inspection – The bodywork is checked for excessive rust, and any sharp edges that might pose a risk to pedestrians.
  1. Windscreen & Wipers – The windscreen should be free from cracks, and the rubber on the wipers in good condition. If the washer bottle is empty, the car will fail, so make sure the washer bottle is topped up on the morning of the test.

Having your car pre-MOT tested will ensure that is passes with flying colours and you can look forward to another year of motoring.

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