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Guide and Key Facts

MOT Test Guide and Key Facts

Owning a vehicle comes with a significant amount of cost and responsibility. What you get in convenience and comfort, you pay for through maintenance and other...

Saving the Environment

Saving the Environment: The Change Needs to Start with Us

We keep complaining that the government’s inaction in saving the environment is harming us. We also rant against politicians who don’t believe in the reality of...

Buying a Car

Buying a Car – New or Used?

The age-old dilemma, “Do I buy a new or used vehicle?” There are pros and cons for both alternatives, and a lot depends on your own personal preferences, whether or...

Preparing for a Loan

Preparing for a Loan

There are times when unexpected things happen in life. You may have an emergency surgery or car repair, for example. When you must miss days of work, your financial...

About Panel Beaters

What Should You Know About Panel Beaters?

There is no doubt that cars have become one of the most important appliances that we use on a regular basis. We drive our cars to and from work each day. When we need to...